Pre-construction: A key phase in MEP design

In most medium to large construction projects, there is a fairly standard pattern to the development of MEP design till just before construction actually begins. In this pre-construction stage there has to be detailed interaction between the architect, the developer, construction managers, MEP consulting engineers and the MEP contractor(s).

During this stage of the work, the MEP contractor is a key player in taking forward the work. He has to understand the amount of work involved and see that it has been documented accurately.

Then follows the stage of cross-checking to confirm that the procedures and responsibilities have been properly allotted and technical data is verified.

Having done this, he now needs to check and compare the MEP and architectural drawings and make sure that all clashes, both identifiable and potential, are dealt with to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Finally he must also put in place a system under which any work that falls short of the quality control standards set by the client must be easily identified and dealt with. The preferred system for this is to have the Quality Controller make detailed notes which have to be reviewed and revised by the project engineer or co-ordinator to finalise the recommendations. The overall project manager and his team will either approve or send it back to the design team for reevaluation.

Once all these stages are completed, the project is ready to roll, and construction work can then actually begin.


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